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Five Ways To Effectively Cope With Stress

Constant stress can take a toll on one's health. When a person is under too much stress for long periods of time, higher levels of the hormone cortisol end up in the bloodstream. This puts you at a higher risk for depression, heart disease and digestive problems. It will also result in adverse effects on your diabetes.

To Help Cope With Stress:

  1. Exercise. Working out releases tension in the body and elevates your mood. Try for daily exercise during stressful times or at least three to five times a week for 30 minutes
  2. Eat Healthy. Start your day with a healthy breakfast while maintaining proper blood sugar levels. Eat five small nutritious meals per day of whole grain, high protein, low sugar and low fat foods.
  3. Laugh. Laughter is really good medicine and relieves stress. Even when life is difficult, finding humor in unlikely places can help you cope.
  4. Get eight hours of sleep each night.Getting plenty of sleep will help revitalize you and keep you mentally alert to deal with challenges with a clear head.
  5. Meditate or read inspirational works.Relaxation methods like meditation can help you keep calm. Inspirational and motivational material like books and tapes is enjoyable and can boost your mood.