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Diabetes ABC Questions for your Doctor

If You Have Diabetes, Talk to Your Doctor about Your Increase Risk for Heart Disease and Stroke

If you have diabetes, you are at high risk for having a heart attack or stroke. You can help to lower your risk by managing the ABCs of diabetes. A is for A1C, a test that measures average blood glucose over the past 2 to 3 months; B is for blood pressure; and C is for cholesterol.

Talk to your doctor or other member of your health care team about the link between diabetes and heart disease. Put a check next to the questions you want to address at your next visit.

What are my ABC numbers and what are my ABC goals?

ADA Goals My Numbers My Goals
A1C Below 7 __________ __________
Blood Pressure Below 130/80 __________ __________
Cholesterol - LDL Below 100 __________ __________
Cholesterol - HDL Above 40 (men) __________ __________

Above 50 (women) __________ __________
Triglycerides Below 150 __________ __________

How often should my ABC's be checked?

What steps can I take to reach each of my ABC goals?

Can taking medicines such as aspirin, ACE inhibitors or satins help me reduce my risk for a heart attack or stroke?

What are symptoms of heart attack and stroke that I need to watch for? Do I need special testing to detect heart disease?

What is the best way for me to quit smoking?

Print these ABC questions to ask your health care provider